About GEF

General Equipment Finance ‘GEF’ was once an ordinary small finance company providing funding lines for office equipment brokers.  We have been trading successfully in the UK for 10 years, acting much the same as other traditional funding lines, we offered commercial rates for operating and finance leases. However, in more recent years, we have changed our ‘modus operandi’ and have recently secured multi-million pound backing from a select investment panel.  We have already seen steady growth by acquiring ‘books’, blocks of brokered leasing deals from office, computer & IT leasing brokers. These brokers receive the value of their books years before they would normally be able to do so by releasing the value tied up in them early. We are now looking to continue this success to the wider leasing broker community. 

How it works

It works in a very simple way. We work with the broker to assess the value of their portfolio however large or small. This is done quickly and confidentially and most importantly without commitment at this stage. Once a sale is agreed we have a unique document which is pre-agreed with most finance houses / funding lines to allow a broker to ‘sell on’ their brokered leasing deals. As the leasing portfolio is sold without recourse, the broker wins again by gaining a quick cash settlement for their deals whilst retaining their customer base. 

What it means to brokers

GEF have already helped numerous brokers release much needed cash. This has gone on to help them fund expansion, acquire new office premises or, as in one case, allowed the owners a well earned bonus to fund a Ferrari!